Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Final Reflection

How many of your goals did you achieve or exceed this semester?
I definitely exceeded my goals in this class. At first, I didn't have many goals in this class because I didn't know what to expect nor knew what I was getting into. But as the semester has gone by, I have analyzed the things that I accomplished the past few months dealing with social media. First off, I didn't have a twitter account before this class and now I absolutely love it and am on it every single day. I just love how personable you can be with people on twitter and amazed by the possibility of incredible connections and networks you can make through this site. Also, blogging has helped me open up as a person through the internet. I used to be very shy about how I was portrayed on the internet so I never took any bold moves in social media. I have made those moves recently and feel really good about it.

How will you continue to use and develop your professional social media communication skills after this class?
I will definitely continue to use Twitter and improve on my tweets. Hopefully, in the future, I will be able to get my followers up to the point where I am looked at professionally on twitter. I will also continue to use blogger, at first, I didn't feel comfortable blogging about SMC and found it pointless, but now I see it from a completely different perspective and want to continually grow as a blogger. Also, I will continue to use my delicious account and keep up with the stacks that I have so I will be able to go back and look at different articles/sites that I used in my blogs.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

LinkedIn Account and tips resources for beginners

Here is my new LinkedIn account that I made. I am just getting started on it, but you can find out a little bit more about me by checking out my profile bio.

2 "Tips Resources for Beginners
  1. Increase your visibility- By adding connections, you increase the likelihood that people will see your profile first when they’re searching for someone to hire or do business with. In addition to appearing at the top of search results, people would much rather work with people who their friends know and trust. 
  2. Improve your connectability- Most new users put only their current company in their profile. By doing so, they severely limit their ability to connect with people. You should fill out your profile like it’s an executive bio, so include past companies, education, affiliations, and activities. ( I didn't do this myself at first, so don't get down on yourself if you didn't either)

Dream Internship

I recently used the mashable job search engine to find my dream internship in professional social media communication. I found a great job that's titled consumer marketing manager. The job is in Los Angeles and the job is to serve as an integral part of the consumer marketing team, and have the opportunity to lead and own many initiatives for the group as we grow the brands for all the Break properties, both on the web and across the media landscape " mobile, you tube, connected tvs and beyond.I feel like my SMC/ORCO class has prepared me for integrating social media into business, but I could definitely use more practice in social media beforehand. This SMC/ORCO class got me from knowing nothing about social media to at least knowing what I am talking about when it comes to communication through social media. I hope in the future that I'd be able to handle a managerial job in this field. This field is so interesting in my eyes and I think it would be loads of fun to manage an account dealing with social media.

3 Popular Press Books about SMC that I'd like to read

  1. Social Media Marketing for Writers- about how to blog, tweet, and peep your way onto Amazon's best seller's list. 
  2. The B2B Social Media Book- about how to become a marketing superstar by generating leads with Blogging, linkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and More.
  3. The Social Media Bible- Lists more than 120 companies integral to the social media industry with updated data, products, services, and links. Includes advanced topics like measuring social media return on investment and how to develop and implement the five steps to social media success strategy plan. (I really want to read this one! Seems really interesting)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Group Post

Our group decided to hypothetically develop a one day training seminar to teach our colleagues how to use professional SMC. Click here to check it out!

What I've Learned from SMC

I knew absolutely nothing about social media before I took this Social Media Class. I have learned so much about it, that I have no idea where to start. First off, when it comes to my brand, I try to think more like Apple, not because I love Apple or think that Apple is always right, but because I believe in the way they communicate (not withstanding their absence on social media). You are buying something for yourself when you adhere to brevity: the attention spans of others. Say what needs to be said, and nothing more. Allow the customer to insert themselves into your brand’s story, and you give yourself the best chance of them inserting your brand into their lives. Let the human imagination take over. I definitely have not conquered this by any means, but I try to take apple's principle and insert it into my blog. This might be weird, but this is the way I look at social media.

My professional network has multiplied quite a bit (only had a facebook before this class). I recently started using Twitter (now have exactly 50 followers) and LOVE IT! I also now have a delicious account, about. me page, and obviously a blog as well.

Top Social Media Influencer

Chris Brogan is the number 1 social media influencer according to Forbes.  Chris Brogan is president of Human Business Works, a media and education company. He consults and speaks professionally with Fortune 100 and 500 companies like PepsiCo, General Motors, Microsoft, and more, about the intersection of business, technology and media. He is a New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, and a featured monthly columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine. Chris’s blog, [chrisbrogan.com], is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. He has over 12 years experience in online community, social media, and related technologies. I am currently following him on Twitter and love his tweets! Always a great read and if your not following him, I recommend you do so.

3 Questions I'd Love to Ask Chris Brogan
  1. What social networks do you specialize in? Why are these networks right for your business?
  2. What is your perception of social media marketing and how will it help in my business goals? How will we measure success?
  3. Can you give me an example of a limitation of a social network that you have experienced and overcome or worked around?